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Najara Boys

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I wore my camera today to maintain my habit. I didn't think I'd shoot, not in wonder this morning. I walked without truly looking. The street though, looked at me. These boys (image below), giddy already, became giddier at the sight of my camera. They called to me from across the street. "Take a picture of us," they said. One of the three looked surprised, as did I. He hid swiftly behind the wall, while I stopped walking. The other two embraced and waited. I smiled, not just at them in particular but almost at the street itself. I took the picture, accepting. Street Photography is a relationship of the kind of equality, revelation, and love I seek. For times, it hums along in fair balance. It gives possibility, I give perspective, and together there is wonder. There are times when magic simply appears, an unmistakable offering for me to color and share. Still often times the street sleeps but my eyes alight on it from a new angle. So it goes, sometimes both of us, sometimes you, sometimes me. This though, wasn’t any of that. This was the streets apart, calling out to me, telling me it remains, ever alive and present even on mornings when I don't feel like myself. See you soon, to both of us.

Najara Boys
Najara Boys


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